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What is my Skin Type?
By knowing your skin type, you can keep your skin healthy and glowing by using the right products. The most important step in caring for your skin comes in understanding your specific skin type and how it adapts to certain circumstances or seasonality.

Every person’s skin is unique, but there are a few common skin types that may help you to identify where you skin fits in the most. The three main skin types are commonly referred to as Oily, Normal/Combination and Dry. Here are two easy ways to determine your skin type at home; More Information...

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6 April 2021

I'am so happy that I have found this products.

Normal Skin
The term normal skin means that the skin is generally balanced and does not have either too much hydration lacking nor overproduction in sebum. The T-zone could possibly sometimes be a little oily, but not enough to call it combination normal to oily skin.

Dry Skin
Dry skin lacks moisture, glow, and hydration. This is as dry skin produces less sebum than normal skin does and therefore causes it the skin to feel tight, look dull, and rough. The lack of sebum in dry skin results in difficulty for the skin to retain moisture and builds its natural protective shield towards outside influences.

Oily Skin
Oily skin overproduces its natural sebum, which causes pores to clog, impurities to form into the skin, and the skin to look and feel overly oily at all times. Blackheads, visible large pores, and pimples are also common with this skin type.

Combination Skin (Oily to Normal)
Combination skin can be oily in certain areas such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, chin) and normal in other areas. Our line for combination skin is formulated to fulfill the needs of the normal areas of skin as well as the oily areas of the skin, to make sure the skin is balanced throughout day and night.

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is prone to inflammation and tenderness, and redness. Sensitive skin can quickly get irritated due to outside factors as well as ingredients. Therefore, products formulated for sensitive skin calms the skin, and allows the skin to be treated without irritating.

Acne-Prone Skin
Acne-prone skin are complexions that can be both oily or dry, it is skin that is prone to acne breakouts. That’s because oil can not only be the trigger for the skin to cause acne breakouts. This means that pores tend to clog easily, making it more likely for there to be a buildup of sebum and causing whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes, acne and full blown breakouts.

Mature Skin
With age, the skin becomes drier, thinner and more fragile. The elasticity of the skin diminishes which causes fine wrinkles to form and pigmentation spots also appear that were previously non existent. The skin’s overall firmness also becomes noticeably less and aging skin tends to seem dull.

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6 April 2021

I'am so happy that I have found this products.

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