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We adore loving-skin products. That’s why we believe natural products, made with certified organic ingredients can help us create skin nurturing and skin-loving products.
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The importance of a proper Skin Care Routine
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Cleansers  A cleanser refreshes the face and cleanses the skin of natural overproduction of sebum, outside pollution, makeup, dirt, and other types of pollutants that come onto the skin throughout the day.

Scrubs  A scrub exfoliates the skin with the small particles in the cream-based products.  Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores, therefore, making the skin softer and clearer.

Peelings  A chemical peeling removes dead skin cells without the small particles. It renews the skin as it deeply penetrates the skin layers, bringing back radiant and youthful skin.

Toners  A toner soothes and prepares the skin for further steps in the routine. The ingredients in a toner quickly deeply penetrate into the skin due to the watery consistency and stimulates the skin to lock in the beneficial ingredients in the next following steps.

Serums  A serum can be tailored to exactly your needs and concerns for your skin. So if your skin is for example dull and lacks a healthy glow you could use a serum that hydrates the skin and replenishes radiance. If the skin needs calming you could use an anti-redness serum.

Ampoules  Ampoules are not used on a daily basis as it is a highly concentrated formula to treat certain concerns and needs of the skin. An ampoule describes a unique package that is sealed and contains a highly concentrated serum. The packages are small as one bottle is for one to two uses, and to open it you carefully break off the top. When using an ampoule you do not apply your usual serum on top nor beforehand as the ampoules are the same step as a serum.

Eye-Creams  An eye cream hydrates and calms the eye area as well as reduce the chance of fine lines being formed over time, brightens the eyes and reduces dark circles, and gives a fresh and awake look to the eyes.

Moisturizers AM  A day moisturizer is a very important step as it will protect the skin from outside pollution and a moisturizer deeply hydrates the skin throughout the day. A day moisturizer is formulated to such a consistency that it will not be too oily nor too thick on the skin and will penetrate deeply into the skin. This is so the consistency will not be laying in a thick layer on top of your skin throughout the day, as this can be a burden when applying makeup and even just throughout the day without makeup.

Moisturizers PM  A night moisturizer is of a thicker consistency and will penetrate deeply into the skin throughout the night. It’s formulated to be thicker, more hydrating, and it is a product that will overnight continue to penetrate deeply into the skin for complete hydration and intake of the beneficial properties and ingredients in the product.

Tanning Sprays  A tanning spray develops a natural tint onto the skin overnight. This spray will not leave any marks or smudges on your bed. It will enhance your natural skin color and give you a beautiful summer glow, without needing the sun.

Face Oils  A face oil replenishes the skin and deeply hydrates the skin. The oil consistency allows the product to lay onto the skin and over time deeply penetrate into the skin. The oil tends to be soothing, gentle, and calming so everyone can use it on their skin.

Face Masks  A facemask is the step in our routine we do not use daily, but more so every other day or weekly. The current facemask we offer is a 15-minute face mask. In those 15 minutes, it allows enough time for all the ingredients to treat the skin. Facemasks are based on concern and need, for example, dull and dehydrated skin would need a creamy moisturizing mask, that is calming, soothing, and brings back hydration to the skin.


Skincare Pro Kits  Our Pro kits follow the ultimate “LA Cosmetics Skin Care Routine”. We advise everyone to ultimately work towards this. Our Pro kits can be thought of as the ultimate pampering routine sets, and that’s what they are. Every step has been carefully thought out, not only because we want to make sure you feel extremely pampered, but also because the routine should not be too challenging by taking too many steps.
The steps may seem long at first, but give it a try! After a few days, it feels like second nature! Each step has its effective benefits for your skin.

Skincare Advanced Kits   Our Advanced kits are for advanced users who feel they are not ready for the Pro level on their skincare journey. These kits can be considered as the necessary routine kits, and they are. Each step has been carefully thought out so that you complete a full routine with more than just basics along with a little pampering. Each step has its effective benefits for your skin.

Skincare Basic Kits   Our Basic kits are the kits for starters in skincare and for people who want their routine to be quick yet effective. These kits can be seen as the fastest routine but with all the necessary basic steps. We’ve made sure that this kit only provides the absolute necessary steps to get you out of the house fastest in the early mornings and back to bed in the evening.


Tools Our tools consist of Gua Sha and a face stimulator that relieves the facial muscles of stress, tension and stimulates more defined contoured and symmetrical facial features. This practice is done by completing certain facial movement techniques with our tools.


Toolkits  We recommend the usage of tools like our Face Stimulator or Gua Sha to be used with our Luxury Oil Serum Blend as this helps the tools glide over your skin, preventing overpressuring and irritating the skin. Therefore, in this kit, we made it easier for you by adding the Luxury Oil Serum Blend so you can optimally use our tools and enjoy effective results.

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    All "How to Use" guidelines


    We recommend using a cleanser both during the day and at night. Before applying the cleanser, we recommend that you moisten your skin with water at room temperature. Then apply some of the cleanser (about the size of a teaspoon) into the palm of your hand and massage well into teh already damp skin. Massage for at least 30 seconds for the best results. As a great extra, we recommend that you take advantage of your wet skin and start your facial massage techniques (you can find our suggestions on this topic in our guidance videos). Do this to strengthen facial muscles, wake up overworked or relaxed facial muscles, slim your face, implement symmetry in your face, and have a more fresh and awake look on your face.


    We recommend using a toner after cleansing your face, both during the day and at night. Before applying the toner, we recommend that you gently pat your wet face dry first. Then apply a few drops of the toner to a cotton pad or the palm of your hand. Little by little, with the tip of a finger, gently pat the toner onto the skin, avoiding the eyes. Before moving on to your next step, allow enough time for the toner to penetrate into your skin and leave the face feeling slightly dry.


    We recommend using a serum after your toner. This step could be used both day and night. Apply gently serum to areas needed on the skin. Before going onto your next step allow sufficient time for the serum to penetrate into your skin and the face to feel somewhat dry.

    Eye Creams

    We recommend using the eye cream both during the day and at night. Apply the amount necessary to cover the under eye area as well as your eyelid and eyebrow.

    Face Masks

    We recommend using the facemask in your evening routine as the facemask is required to penetrate into the skin for at least 15 minutes therefore, you might have more time in the evening to complete this step properly. Although, if you’d like you can use this mask in the day too. Apply a covering layer of the facemask onto the skin and apply onto the parts of the face needed and wanted. Rinse the facemask off with room temperature water and pat the skin dry.

    Face Oils

    We recommend using the face oil in your evening routine and use it as the second to last step before your night cream. Apply a few drops to your palm and gently massage into your skin.

    Day Creams

    We recommend using the day cream after your eye cream step. Apply around 1 to 2 pumps onto the palm of your hand, warm with your hands and massage gently into your skin. Both facial skin and neck.

    Night Creams

    We recommend using the night cream after your face oil in your evening routine and use it as the last step. Apply 1 to 2 pumps to your palm of your hand, warm the cream, and massage gently into your skin.

    Day & Night Creams

    We recommend using the day/night cream after your eye cream step. Apply around 1 to 2 pumps onto the palm of your hand, warm with your hands and massage gently into your skin. Both facial skin and neck.


    We recommend using the ampoule in your evening routine at night and only up to 2 to 3 times in the week (there is an exception for this, read in acne-prone skincare collection text). Use the ampoule only when you will not use a serum, as the ampoule is a serum but in a higher concentration. Break the top stick off and use it to push the bottom up to dispense the product out. Use as much needed in the ampoule to apply on the parts of the face you’d like.  Allow sufficient time for the ampoule to penetrate into your skin and it to dry before going to your next step.


    Use after cleansed skin. With mild pressure massage the scrub in round motions onto your skin. You can use this scrub multiple times a week due to the gentle formula of this scrub.


    Apply the Enzymatic Peeling over damp already cleansed skin. Leave the peeling on for 3 minutes, and lightly massage with rotating movements until the lycing has almost completely disappeared. Remove the residue with lukewarm water and pat dry skin Continue to neutralize the skin with a toner before continuing to your next step. You can use this product once every two weeks.

    Tanning Spray

    Use this Tanning Spray at night as the last step of your routine. Spray on the sides of your face and in the center of your face. Hold the Spray far enough so the mist covers the face entirely and evenly.

    Face Stimulator

    Apply a few drops of our Luxury Oil and turn on the face stimulator. Use multiple facial movements for tightening results.

    Gua Sha

    We recommend for the Gua Sha treatment to use our Luxury Oil. The Luxury Oil will help the Gua Sha glide over your skin and prevent irritation to the skin due to the pressure of the crystal. The Luxury Oil will also after doing this treatment provide you with supple skin.


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